Rapid water Kayaking with an inflatable kayak

Kayaking with an inflatable kayak is quite gentle compared to standard plastic rapid water kayaks. The inflatable kayak is easier to control by beginners or people with little experience and collisions with a stone or rock will be softened.

When kayaking on the Struma River a two-seater Gumotex inflatable kayak is used and a professional guide descends with you giving instructions and taking the best line through the rapids depending on your experience.

The course also has calm sections, so you'll have a chance to debrief or just catch your breath before the next rapid. During the summer months, kayaking is also suitable for absolute beginners.

The rafting centre is on the Struma River approximately 45 minutes from Bansko, there is secure parking, changing room, shower and toilet on site. There is also a climbing wall and rope garden, bar and kitchen, here you will enjoy home cooked cuisine, seasonal drinks and coffee.

Kayaking descents are organized every day from the end of March to November.

Kayaking on the Struma River

On arrival at the centre you will be showed around the base and have the opportunity to have a short break, followed by a briefing on the equipment and basic instructions and training for the descent. The whole program lasts about 3 hours  with1.5 hours in the water


There are additional options which you may consider

Recommended clothing

The required clothing for kayaking is a swimsuit. Neoprene will be provided. For convenience, bring with you: a towel and flip flops.

Price: 90 BGN per person

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