Leshten, Kovachevitsa and Ognyanovo

Vacation Bansko recommends eating at the "крьчма братята". This family run restaurant has friendly staff and great food. Follow the signs to "The Pub" in the village of Kovachevitsa.


The medieval villages of  Leshten and Kovachevitsa are located near Ognyanovo in Bulgaria. Leshten village is one of the most attractive and authentic rural tourism resorts in Bulgaria. Fifteen restored old houses offer typical for this region revival atmosphere combined with modern comfort. The houses have spacious balconies, picturesque courtyards and taverns, where customers can prepare their own food products from local farms.

Kovachevitsa village has preserved its authentic appearance of 18-19 century and is one of the most famous and beautiful Bulgarian villages. The houses are almost entirely built of stone, including the roofs. Kovachevitsa is an architectural reserve, similar to Koprivshtitsa and the Plovdiv Old Town, and has retained its picturesque Renaissance architecture.

The mineral waters in Ognyanovo were discovered in the Roman times. There are two groups of thermal mineral water springs. One of them, called "Miroto" is formed by seventeen springs with temperature of 42°C. The other group of seven springs are colder 16-40°C. The water is clear and colourless with a slight smell of hydrogen sulfide.

When combined with favorable climate Ognyanovo offers beautiful scenic landscapes. Located in the rich vegetation of hilly area. The fresh mountain air combined with the soft weather conditions typical of southwestern Ognyanovo makes an excellent place for rest and relaxation this weekend.

Excursion from Bansko to the medieval villages – Kovachevitca, Leshten and Ognyanovo.

The villages have well preserved their ancient character since the Turkish Empire. Sightseeing in the three villages – Ognyanovo, Kovachevitca and Leshten. Mineral pool in Ognyanovo and enough time to stay there. We go there by car and come back by car.

The excursion is 5 - 6 hours.

Included: transport and guide.

Price: 35 Euros

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