Indulgent spa treatments


Indulge the senses of a luxurious spa treatment of your choice, providing you with a relaxing spa experience. we offer spa treatments to relax and de-stress you further and leave you feeling pampered and looking great.

Why not sit back and relax with one of our spa treatment sessions, prices start at 25 BGN.

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Classical Massage

full body 50 min - 50 BGN

partial body 20 min - 25 BGN

Face Therapy

Anti-aging therapy

40 minutes - 50 BGN

Therapy -Balance for Her

40 minutes - 50 BGN

Scalp and face massage

20 minutes - 30 BGN

Aroma Massage

full body 60 minutes - 60 BGN

partial body 30 minutes - 30 BGN

Special Massage

Sports massage

50 minutes - 60 BGN

Medical massage

50 minutes - 50 BGN

Massage for tired legs

25 minutes - 30 BGN

Anti-Aging Therapy

"Bulgarian Rose"

With the therapy one Bulgarian rose you will fill up your sense and body with more delight, pleasure and enjoyment from the incredible abilities of the Bulgarian rose.

duration: 100 minutes

120 BGN

Balancing Therapy

"Balance for Her"

Detox peeling

Chocolate mask

Aromatherapy massage

duration: 100 minutes

110 BGN

Exotic Therapy

"Cafe Tropical"

Scrub massage with herbal mix body massage. Removes the dead layer of cells and improves blood circulation. A high content of anti-oxidants and natural acids.

duration: 100 minutes

100 BGN

Turkish Bath - Hamam

Piling full body.

Full body massage with foam and a face mask bonus.

duration: 60 minutes

60 BGN