Rhodope Mountain Adventures


"We offer you complete organisation, planning and realisation of your wildest dreams. Be sure there is no other place in Bulgaria, and around the world, where you can experience the adventures we offer. Our team confesses and deeply believes in the principle that happiness is achievable, so our main goal, which we have been doing so far so far, is that every client of ours will go inspirational and loaded. Be sure that once you have tried the incredible emotions we offer, you will come back to us again and again!

Located in the most mystic and ancient mountain - the Rhodopes and the wonderful Velingrad is the place we are waiting for you. Here we will offer you a unique cocktail of breathtaking landscapes, stunning views of the highest peaks, icy rivers where you can also immerse the sacred rock sanctuaries of our ancient ancestors, the Thracian, more than 3000 years, where you will be able to touch to the gods. We offer you an unforgettable open-air luncheon, including only organic products from local manufacturers.

We are a young and creative team who believe that happiness lies in unforgettable experiences. We believe that every person must be closer to nature and allow himself to immerse himself in the incredible beauties of the Rhodopes, to dare to embark on a journey that will change him for life. Each adventure organised is fully tailored to the individual needs and wishes of each client."

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On The Road Of The Tracks

Duration: 5 hours

199 BGN

Join us on an extraordinary experience in the mysterious debris of the Rhodope Mountains, visit places where the average tourist has not yet set foot and get to know the life of our ancient ancestors.

The Thracians inhabited our lands 3000 years ago. Visit the shrines to which they sacrificed to the gods, experience the cult of God Dionysus, get to know their customs and beliefs, hear Orpheus' magical songs, be part of their ancient rituals, and last but not least, pick up adrenaline offroad with Russian jeeps, all combined with the amazing beauty of wildlife. At the end of this adventure, you'll have a delicious lunch to cook by your own campfire. Charge your body and soul with the ancient energy fields of the mountain.

Immerse yourself in the ancient magic of our ancestors. It is no coincidence that the Rhodopes are the most mystical mountain in the world, come with us and you will feel the magic of our millennial history.

Safari with Russian Jeep

Duration: 5 hours

199 BGN

Give yourself an unforgettable experience of the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains. Join us on an exciting walk through the most secret corners of the mountain, cross the icy rivers, climb the highest peaks on extreme terrains.

Explore the sights and enjoy the sights that will stop your breath and leave a lasting memory in your hearts and for an unforgettable end to this exciting journey, we have prepared a delicious lunch in the countryside - made entirely of organic produce from local producers with quality assurance.

Allow yourself to escape the dull and grey everyday life and immerse yourself in the magic of nature. The itinerary and the sights to see are determined individually according to your wishes. We will make your wildest dreams come true. Whether you choose extreme safari or prefer a peaceful picnic and maybe combine it all in one unforgettable day, you decide.

Romantic Adventures for Two

Duration: 5 hours

199 BGN

Enjoy a unique experience filled with romantic moments, beautiful scenery, breathtaking views and a lot of champagne.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience with your loved one in the wonderful beauty of the Rhodope Mountains. Climb the highest, most sacred and most ancient peaks in the mystical mountains, on extreme roads with high-pass Russian technology, and at the top we will prepare you an unforgettable romantic experience, which even in your wildest dreams imagined.

Team Building

Our team building programs are fully in line with your requirements, the number of participants, the age group, the male / female ratio, their time resources, the level of physical training, the venue, the training objectives, the company's activity.

Transportation can be arranged from your hotel.

Duration 4-5 hours.

Program - On the Way of the Thracians

Come with us, an unusual experience in the mysterious debris of the Rhodopes and get to know the lives of our ancient ancestors - the Thracians who inhabited our lands before 3500. Visit the sanctuaries that have made sacrifices to the gods, experience the cult of God Dionysus, get to know their bits and beliefs, hear the magic songs of Orpheus, be part of their ancient rituals, and last but not least, off road with military equipment, lift your adrenaline, all combined with the amazing beauty of the wild. You will be able to see wild animals, like deer and wild boar, in their natural environment and seal these unique moments on tape. And at the end of this adventure, you will have a delicious lunch, which you have to prepare yourself, near the campfire. Load your body and soul with the ancient energy fields of the mountain.

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The offer includes...

  • A complement from the MD team

  • Certificates

  • Camp fire and barbecue high in the mountain with organic products from local producers

  • Visiting a place with a high concentration of wildlife and shooting them in a natural environment

  • Visiting a modern chapel, high in the mountain, built on an ancient temple of the Thracians

  • Outgoing games, including the authentic reproduction of the ancient Thracian ritual of the sanctuary itself

  • Visiting a Thracian rock sanctuary

  • Off road with Russian technique in the vast Rhodopes and the opportunity to capture unique natural phenomen

Team building Extreme - Military

With its all-embracing nature, the idea of ​​this type of team building is the rise of the adrenaline of the participants in every moment. We offer you an incredibly extreme experience in the magical Rhodope Mountains. The program allows you to immerse yourself in an authentically created, military-specific situation.

You will ride real military equipment, you will experience adrenaline from off road in the mountain, for the bravest we have prepared a real fighting arsenal to test your skills, and as a reward, you will be expecting an unexpected surprise in untouched nature. You will feel the aroma of local drinks and you will have to solve a pile of riddles that will lead you to the ultimate goal, and it is to win the race and become the best soldier Rhodope has ever seen. And for those of you who love tranquility and want to enjoy the virgin nature, they will have the opportunity to watch wild animals in an authentic environment. Wake up your adventurous spirit and get ready for an unforgettable experience! If not in the Rhodopes - where, if not now - when?

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Team building - Relax

The relaxing teambuilding is for those teams who are looking for a complete break, out of tense daily life, without any load. The main activities of the participants are expressed in pleasant hikes in the nature combined with light and toning games. Getting to know the new natural landmarks in the Rhodope region combined with relaxing music and local dishes will restart the body and contribute to your complete relaxation.

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Team building - Sport

This type of team building involves the organisation of various sports games or tournaments for the participants. The sports company holiday offers a wide range of games, which can be both football, volleyball, handball, relay and many other types of physical sports competitions as well as logic games. This type of team building provokes competition between competitors and reveals many different qualities and traits of its character for each participant.

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Team building - Feng

Dedicated to a great deal of laughter and entertainment, this type of teambuilding offers a wide range of gaming activities, primarily aimed at charging the team with positive emotions. This program focuses on the entertaining experiences for employees in your company. Whether they will make their own carnival costumes, compete with blindfolds or bubble with water, it is important to have 100% fun all the time. The most important thing in this teambuilding training is that each team releases their emotional blocks, laughs and entertains. And laughter thrives, rings and rejoices where people come together, where, despite their differences, they allow themselves and others to be free to express themselves

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Team building - Downstairs

This program enables your employees to experience truly unforgettable moments. This team building program includes activities such as a karaoke party, a variety of games that imply building a closer relationship with the team, including dance elements and other entertaining suggestions. After experiencing this program, each of your employees will be able to answer the question, "What is this imagination?". With a little help from you, we will be able to help your employees get rid of the accumulated negative emotions between them and feel like

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Team building - Give the actor the will

Let your employees present themselves in a new light. Entering different roles of famous plays, Juliet, Don Juan, Don Quixote ... and putting the mask, each of them will have to overcome his own essence and shine in the spotlights of a non-standard scene, and the audience, that are the people who work with every one of your employees in everyday life. This team building program is extremely entertaining and can be either a stand-alone module or part of another team building program.

Challenge yourself and allow yourself to get out of the stereotype of familiar tourist attractions and immerse yourself in the ancient magic of our ancestors. Visit places to which an average tourist has not been up to now. It is of no coincidence that the Rhodopes are the most mystical mountain in the world, join us and you will feel the magic of our millennial history.

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