Thermal Mineral Springs

Probably one of Bulgaria's best kept secrets, naturally occuring thermal mineral pools. Bulgaria is actually ranked as the second in Europe after Iceland in terms of the existence of hot springs.

In the area around Bansko there are many naturally occurring hot mineral springs, however non occur in Bansko itself however within a few kilometers in the nearby villages, many can be found. The waters are suitable for relieving stress as well as the prevention and recovery of a variety of diseases. The waters are popular with skiers as an aid to reducing muscle tension after a day on the slopes.

The water is clean, ordourless and is good for drinking and has a temperature between 37C and 57C, when the water temperature in the pools is too high for bathing, it is regulated by adding cool fresh spring water from the same source.


The village of Banya lies 4km to the east of Razlog and the same distance to the north of Bansko, here you can enjoy the marvellous views of the Pirin, Rila and Rhodope mountains.

Banya village has numerous mineral springs with temperatures of 37C to 57C and almost every hotel offers a thermal spa which are open to non residents, providing great opportunities for skiers to relax.

There are two old baths, Bulgarian and Turkish which add to the character of the village. There are museums to browse and several archeological sites in the village and its surrounding area. Interestingly Banya (баня) is the Bulgarian word for bath or bathroom.

The Izgreva public pool in Banya has good reviews. Open all year round, there are two open air pools and one with a roof. The temperatures vary, the main pool is about 33C, the second pool about 37C and the third one, the smallest about 40C.

It costs 10 BGN to swim and the food is good and excellent value for money too.

Thermal Pool Experience

  • Bathe in natural mineral water
  • Enjoy a great way to relax
  • Choose from 3 mineral thermal pools

Located in the village of Banya, these thermal pools are only a 15-minute drive away from Bansko. The mineral thermal pools are open daily at 11:00AM in the morning. Your experience will begin as you depart from Bansko at a time of your choosing (after 10:30AM).

There are changing rooms right next to the pool and a restaurant at your disposal. At the conclusion of your experience you will be returned to Bansko.

The experience includes:

  • Shared transportation to and from Bansko
  • Entrance fee for the thermal pool complex

more information and booking


Alpha Thermal Pool and Spa at Dobrinishte, 10km from the hotel, has three hot mineral pools with temperatures from 27 to 40 degrees. The complex has restaurant and bar with indoor and outdoor seating and a spa and fitness centre with modern equipment including a gym, jacuzzi, sauna, massage room and other services for your complete relaxation.

It is open all year round imagine plunging into hot mineral water surrounded by snow, it is an experience that you will never forget. They promise you an unforgettable experience.

Alpha Spa & Pool is the largest pool resort complex in the region of Bansko and Dobrinishte. Here you can enjoy the warm sun in a combination of fresh mountain air and outdoor swimming pool in the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

The whole space around the mineral pool is organized so that anyone can have his own special moment. You can swim in the swimming pool in the warm mineral water while enjoying the nature, drinking refreshing drinks in the bars of the complex, near the water or at the pool’s tower.

Apart from the large swimming pool, the complex offers fun and entertainment for the youngest guests of the resort – a small pool with warm mineral water. The children’s pool is completely safeguarded so the kids can swim freely and enjoy the best holiday while you are having some snack and relaxing in the outdoor restaurant, without losing sight of them. Around the pool, the floor is tiled resistant to slipping.

The pools are not just for entertainment but for health, in the pool you can combine the pleasure of swimming with the healing effect of the mineral water. The immersion in the mineral water restores the strength after heavy physical activity, reduces stress levels, help with injuries and strains.

The water in the pool is filtered with modern filtering equipment and complies with the requirements.

It costs 10 BGN and is excellent value for money


Dobrinishte Public Mineral Baths are located in the park, for the more adventurous guests this thermal pool has separate indoor male and female changing rooms and pools, as swimsuits are not allowed and everyone bathes naked. However you can hire a private room suitable for two people where mixed bathing is allowed.

The town of Dobrinishte is situated only 6km south of Bansko at the foot of the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes mountains. It is the end point of the narrow gauge line, with stations at Razlog and Bansko it easy to travel their by train. The town has seventeen mineral springs with water temperatures between 30C and 43C, as well as an open air mineral pool. Dobrinishte also has bus connections to Razlog and Bansko.

The settlement dates back to the Stone age. Among the tourist attractions are two churches St. Peter and Paul and Assumption of the Most Holy Mother which were both built in the 19th century. Within a short distance of the town, you can also visit the waterfall named St. Nicholas and the working monastery of St. Panteleimon located about 3 km south-east of Dobrinishte and roughly 4 km north-west of the village of Obidim.

Other attractions include the Edelweiss garden, which is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. Also Dobrinishte is complemented by many shops and cafes, taverns and restaurants, hotels, a community centre, a museum and a well kept square in the centre.