Rare Breed Animal Centre

The rare breed centre is located in the village of Vlahi in the Pirin mountains.

Specialising in the preservation of the original type of Karakachan sheep, Karakachan horses and Karakachan dogs through breeding, education and research. Here you will see these animals living and breeding in their natural environment.

The rare breed centre also maintains a nucleus breeding herd of rare local Kalofer Longhair goat and a small group of Bulgarian Screwhorn Longhair goats. The animals are bred in a traditional way with all year round grazing. Grazing goats are effective management tool for arid pastures in the west slopes of Pirin mountain and by keeping a close connection with the natural habitat, this supports selection to original breed type.

The Rare Breeds Centre (RBC) in Vlahi village was founded by SEMPERVIVA society in the 2000. SEMPERVIVA started a long term project for conservation of the original type of those three breeds, the main aims of the RBC are to;

  • To preserve the original type of these breeds.
  • To restore historical connections between the breeds.
  • To restore connections between the breeds and wildlife with a strong integration between the breeds and the habitat.
  • To preserve traditional nature friendly husbandry.
  • Investigation, research and education in the field of rare breeds conservation.

Rare Breed Centre Experience

Embark on a unique adventure for a meet-and-greet with a range of rare Bulgarian animals. Learn more about these animals and how they are bred, admire views of the regional countryside and have a taste of some organic local products.

  • Visit a farm with rare breeds of Bulgarian domestic animals.
  • Take photos with these special creatures and learn about their history.
  • Enjoy a tasting of traditional organic products.

70 BGN

per person