National Folklore Magic Festival

The folk festival will take place on 12th 13th and 14th July on several areas in the city park in Bansko

The three days of the festival will be with a daily competition program and evening concerts of popular and loved folklore guest-performers. The Festival is a a character and is designed for the novices of all the folklore areas of the country without age restrictions Participants are divided into four categories - singing, playing, dancing and demonstration of customs and traditions. And this year, the forum will be called " keeping together bʺlgarŝinata!"

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Festival organizers are national folk tv fan folk TV, part of the music media cluster, and the municipality of Bansko.

Regional Centre-Sofia, UNESCO, will be the partner of this year's edition of the National Festival The Executive Director of the regional centre Dr. Irena Todorova will be a member of the jury, and at the end of the days, he will present the special award of the regional centre - a plaque with the UNESCO SIGN, in the category for the presentation of authentic customs and traditions

" conservation and promotion of authentic are in the focus of our work, but no less important is to discover those people and events that help build a relationship between tradition and times. I believe that the festival in Bansko, in whose scenes thousands of participants from every folk area of Bulgaria, deserve our support ", irena todorova said.

" in search of the most dance carriers of the Bulgarian tradition together with the organizers we call the samodejcite to come to show us and all the guests of the festival how much beauty hides our authentic art."

" turning the city into an attractive modern resort or keeping our traditions - such a dilemma never stood before us. In Bansko, as in many European cities, these two things happen in harmony. We accept the decision of Regional Centre-Sofia, UNESCO, as a high assessment of efforts and achieved results ", commented georgi ikonomov, Mayor of bansko. The event is part of the rich summer festival program of the mountain resort.

" folk magic " will conquer the mountain city with the special participation of the most beloved folklore stars: Nikolina Čakʺrdʺkova, " Godlewski Easter ", rumiana popova, Bianca Dobreva and Alexander Raichev, " swimsuit old ", gunna ivanova, Eva and velislava kostadinovi, Malin Domozetski and others.

The culmination of the holiday will be a reenactment of armed komiti that descend from the mountain to announce the freedom of bansko, and the banskalii welcome them with folk glee. Samodejcite to the Nikola Vaptsarov 1894 Center-Bansko, and the association ajduti association will recreate the historic moment of 5 October 1912 In the last third festival day.

On July 14th (Sunday) at 12:00 At the entrance of the city park in bansko a group of armed men dressed as komiti will sing "vʺrvea goce and janne", heading to the festival stage. In the middle of the park, the group will stop to play a heavy hajduško horo, then with gunshots will announce the freedom of bansko.

In the background of the solemn ring of the swimsuit bells, the komitite will go on the stage where the entire population is expected - children, mothers, fathers and brides. While everyone is in euphoria from meeting with their close, they recite the komitski swimwear.

" we invite all residents of Bansko to join the reenactment. Let them wear their authentic and beautiful folk costumes that have in every banská house, and join the welcoming of our komiti ", calls the director of the festival " folk magic " Victor Kasʺmov.

You must not miss the amazing performances of mfg "swimsuit old men".

Mayor Georgi Ikonomov and host of the festival also urged his fellow citizens to join the magic of the festival.