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Bangers 2 Bansko

Date: 31st October 2020

The challenge is to drive from the UK to Bansko via about 10 countries over 10 days in a car that costs no more than £500.

1- find a car worth Max £500

2- take 2 weeks off work (10 days trip)

3- find a co-pilot

4 - book yourself on the 5pm Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry on the 31st Oct 2020

5- meeting point is in the Main Bar at 7pm. (I’m sure you will spot us lol )

6 - prepare yourself for the ultimate car trip across Europe

Planned stops so far are Nurburgring - ski slope Austria - bar crawl in the castle of Game Of Thrones -

We are planning our accommodation as we go so hotels / campsites / cars and anywhere else we think fun.

On arrival in Bansko, it is the intention to try to sell the cars to raise money for two charities operating in Bansko.

Bansko Street Dogs: A non-profit organisation helping the street dogs of Bansko.

Sunflower is a charity organisation based in Bansko, raising funds to help local disadvantaged people.